The Face Of DEX: Why The GUI Is So Important

Does PCDJ DEX 2 need a face lift?
GUI’s are paramount to the success of any software product, but even more so when the software in question is for live DJing. DJ Software doesn’t necessarily need to look “pretty”, but the layout and ergonomics can make or break customer perception, ultimately driving that person to pass or purchase.
The Graphical User Interface, or GUI (pronounced “gooey”) is the technological interface most of us are familiar with. There was a time when you told a computer what to do through text commands. As you might imagine a point and click (or at least a visual representation of what you’re performing with your DJ controller) approach to computing provided a lot of benefits over a text based approach. The obvious benefits to DJ’s include: Less skill out of the gate – most anybody can use a DJ software product with a well designed GUI. Enhanced Performance – If a DJ spends less time navigating the perils of an overly busy interface and more time applying effects or triggering hot cues, for example, his/her show is better and the patrons have a lasting impression that can lead to more gigs and more money in the DJ’s pocket. To sum it up, you can do complicated things with DJ software quickly with a computer providing the interface simple “makes sense”.
We spent a lot of time making sure DEX 2’s default skin was easy enough to navigate for the novice, while still retaining all the buttons/features expected from a PRO DJ software product. We think we did an admiral job, but of course you can’t make all the people happy all the time…
“Dunks” is a graphic designer many long-time PCDJ users are familiar with. It was his forward-thinking design and layout that graced PCDJ DEX 1 for many years. We’ve recently put him to work on a new design for PCDJ DEX 2. Whilst it may not replace the current default, we feel it’s a very exciting alternative option for PCDJ DEX 2 customers. Specifically, the colored waveforms and video mixing controls are brilliant, and the skin just screams “PRO”. But don’t take my word for it; here is a screen shot:


What do you think of this PCDJ DEX 2 skin? Leave a comment!

– Keep Spinning