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Why DEX 3 is the Best Karaoke System for a Bar

Best Karaoke System for a Bar

With the recent DEX 3 release and the newly included professional karaoke features — it’s truly the best karaoke system for a bar.

DEX 3.10 (and up) for MAC or Windows provides karaoke hosting features such as managed singer rotation, singer/song history, automatic filler music player (No dead air!) and more — in addition to the already included, optional, and commercially-legal Party Tyme Karaoke Subscription

and other features such as key control and ‘next signers screen’.  Add all that up and top it off with DEX 3’s audio and video mixing features you have an all-in-one entertainment solution for a venue.  It’s the best karaoke system for bar or restaurant.

A Breakdown of Features that make DEX 3 the Best Karaoke System for a Bar


Karaoke Singer Management

Whether you’re dealing with a handful of singers on your karaoke night or 50, DEX 3 will automatically manage the singer rotation for you – less thinking, more hosting. Have regular singers?  Access their singer history and send them and their preferred songs back to rotation easily.

It’s Party Tyme 

Party Tyme Karaoke is the leading provider of classic and new karaoke music in the USA. Their entire karaoke catalog is available from directly inside of the DEX 3 browser via the Party Tyme Karaoke Subscription ($99-a-month after 7-day free trial). Access, stream (and even download for offline use) a large collection of HD quality karaoke songs without ever leaving DEX 3.  With Party Tyme, you’ll always have the songs your singer want to sing. That’s the most important part of running a successful karaoke night.

Next Singer Screen

Not only can you display your next 0-5 singers on the singers screen (what the singer/audience views), you can place your own custom background image or video loop behind the singers. Great for running an advertisement for your venue or to display your company logo/branding.

Text, Image, and Video Overlays

Just playing regular music with the automatic filler music player or manually mixing music videos/audio tracks?  Create and display in-depth text, image, and video overlays on screen with a push of a button. Use them for advertisements or just cool visuals for the audience.

Mix Music Videos Manually or Automatically

Slow karaoke night? Use the same ‘singers screen’ to display music videos that can be mixed manually (with or without a supported DJ Controller) or automatically using DEX 3’s Automix feature.  Either way, video blend seamlessly without any gaps in between.

Let’s DJ!

Unlike other karaoke players for Bars, DEX 3 is a full-fledged DJ mixing software as well, using the latest technologies.  Mix with a simple keyboard or mouse, or use one of 90+ supported DJ controllers for hands-on, tactile control.

Easy Breezy

DEX 3 is a robust product with a lot of features, but carefully coded so its easy to use for novices.  Need help?  We’ve got your back.  Not only do we have the most responsive support department in the business, we’ve got over 50 DEX 3 tutorial videos that will help you hit the ground running.

Not convinced or have further questions about why DEX 3 is the best karaoke system for a bar?  Call one of our product specialists: 877-999-7235 ext 1

How The Legal Party-Tyme Karaoke Subscription Works in DEX 3


DEX 3 is the do-it-all entertainment software solution and the best karaoke system for a bar!