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The Best DJ Controllers for Karaoke

Best DJ Controllers for Karaoke
DEX 3 with Denon MC6000 MKII

DEX 3 is live performance software for DJing and for hosting karaoke. DEX 3 currently supports over 100 popular DJ controllers from the best brands in the biz, and while they’re all beneficial for DJing, they’re not all suitable for karaoke use.

The reason why? Most DJ controllers lack more than one microphone input and as karaoke hosts know, when hosting karaoke you typically need at least two but preferably three; One for the host, one for the signers, and one more for a second singer (duets) or group singalongs.

This whittles down the number of suitable DJ controllers for karaoke considerably. Thankfully, there are three options on the market today that not only boast two or more mic inputs, they are also plug-and-play with DEX 3 so they’ll work well whether your mixing music and video, or hosting karaoke events.

Best DJ Controllers for Karaoke

1) Pioneer DDJ-SX3

The most recently DEX 3 supported DJ Controller is also the best option in our opinion for karaoke. The DDJ-SX3 is equipped with 3 Mic inputs: One XLR, one XLR/Jack combo, and one 1/4″ input. The DD-SX3 promises to ensure ‘crystal-clear speech’ (singers) with 3-band EQ, low-cut filter, compressor and reverb control on each. Karaoke hosts can also enhance vocals with Sound Colour FX. Learn more about the DDJ-SX3

2) Denon DJ MC7000

The MC7000 from Denon DJ is another solid option for karaoke hosts looking for a robust DJ controller that’s also suitable for hosting karaoke. The MC7000 has 2 balanced microphone inputs, each with dedicated controls, so the host and singer(s) output can be independently tweaked. Per Denon DJ, the MC7000 also improves the microphone output quality over other popular Denon DJ controllers. Learn more about the MC7000

3) Denon DJ MC6000MK2

A very popular DJ controller among DEX 3 customers, the MC6000MK2 has been around for a few years now. The DJ controllers longevity in the marketplace speaks to it’s versatility and popularity among mobile DJs in particular. Like the MC7000, the MC6000MK2 also offers dual balanced mic inputs, each with independent echo FX and EQ, making it another ideal option for DEX 3 DJs that also host karaoke. Learn more about the MC6000MK2


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