Info-graphic Report | The Average Cost Of A Wedding In America, Including The DJ, In 2017

Average cost of a wedding DJ in 2017

Are you charging enough for your wedding DJ services this year? 

We’ve just run across this info-graphic that outlines “The State Of American Weddings In 2017“, which breaks down the cost of the various vendors and outlines the latest wedding trends. We always find the data fascinating as well as relevant for the mobile DJ community where our DJ mixing software solutions are most popular.

So, what has been the average cost of the wedding DJ thus far in 2017? Per the researcher its $1245 USD. That number’s up about $200 or 20% from the previous info-graphic of this kind we posted back in 2013.

If you’re not charging at least much that you need to think about how you can raise your rates. We’ve got a few ideas over here at PCDJ HQ, such as adding additional options such as music video mixing or possibly even karaoke. We’ve also got a pretty good suggestion for a live performance product that allows DJs to offer DJ, video mixing and karaoke capabilities. 😉

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The State Of American Weddings In 2017:
Costs, Trends, and How to Save Money