Create Stunning Text, Image And Video Overlays In DEX 3.7 (Video)

VDJ Software DEX 3 - Creating Text, Image and Video Overlays

New in DEX 3.7 is the ability to create stunning multi-layer text, image and video overlays.

As demonstrated in the video tutorial below, DEX 3.7 has an all-new video mixing feature in it’s arsenal. VDJ’s can use the ‘Edit Video Overlay’s‘ button located under the video tab in DEX 3.7 (and up) options to create and save multi-layer overlays. Use overlays for on-screen messages such as birthday wishes or congrats, or to add more flair to your video mix sets.

Video mixing DJs can manipulate size, position, opacity, text colors, font and more using the ‘Edit Video Overlay’s‘ panel in DEX 3.7 — providing loads of options and control over overlays. Simply save your overlay and cue it up when you’re ready to display on screen for your audience.  Display overlays while playing only audio, or show them over-top other videos and karaoke lyrics.

The new text, image and video overlay feature included in DEX 3.7 (and up) provide video mixing DJs an easy-to-use method to build unique and custom overlays to use during live performance.

How-To Use The New Text, Image And Video Overlays Feature In DEX 3


If you’re a Video Mixing DJ and have questions about the new text, image and video overlays feature found in DEX 3.7 please leave them in the comments section below!

6 replies
  1. paul searle
    paul searle says:

    hey hey about time! Ryan will know how long i have been asking for this feature BUT you ask if “mixing djs” use it, why would they? its party , bread and butter djs and club djs that use text features,,,,

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Hi Paul, thanks for the feedback! I’m not sure what part of the article you’re referencing – but I could see all DJs using this for sure! Also, in the official update we will have a way to make edits prior to sending live.

  2. TC
    TC says:

    The video says that in the the purchased version there will be a botton on the main skin to go directly to the overlays to turn them off and on. I just got the new 3.7. Where is it located.

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Hello TC, the video suggests we will add a button to the skin (and a way to select overlays/toggle on/off). This hasn’t been added yet however, it’s planned for the next update of DEX 3 (which isn’t too far off and comes with a pretty major core feature upgrade, too).

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