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TM-120 Trivia Software with Wireless Buzzers and Quiz

Digigames | Wireless Buzzers Quiz Buzzers Trivia Software Explained (Video)

Trivia with wireless buzzers adds interactive excitement to parties, corporate events, bars and restaurants. Digigames is the go-to wireless trivia system in the arena, with the TM-120 being the gold standard. The first segment of the…
Trivia Party Games TM-120

Separate Your Trivia Services From Your DJ Services

    Straight into the mix today….many of you reading this, I am fully aware, are more than just trivia hosts and rightly so. The entertainment world is a tough, competitive market place and you need to be able to offer…

Trivia Party Package | New “Light Up” Buzzers Now Included

Across the globe mobile entertainers strive for the latest and newest methods for increasing the value of their shows. Better value means more bookings and more bookings equals more revenue. Many DJs and entertainers have found some…