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Need to Download Free Sound Effects? BBC has you Covered (Video)

In the video above, Phil from DigitalDJTips.com provides and overview of the new BBC Sound Effects beta website. With over 16,000 Free Sound Effects you can download, ranging from air conditioning sounds to crowd noise (and everything else…
Using the sample decks in DEX 3 top DJ mixing software

DJ Software Tutorial | Loading, Recording And Triggering Samples In DEX 3 (VIDEO)

DEX 3 is equipped with 8 sample deck players that allow DJs to load short audio clips from their hard drive as well as sample the master output in real-time.  DEX 3 is our top DJ mixing software solution designed for today's versatile…

DJ Software Demo Video – Using the DEX 3 Sample Player

The totally redesigned PCDJ DEX 3 DJ software includes a relocated and improved sample player.   The sampler players in DEX 2 were somewhat inconveniently located within the browser section, so you had to swap the browser out for the sample…