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DEX 3 RE Now Available

RED Mobile 3 Is Now DEX 3 RE (Red Edition)

A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet... Introducing DEX 3 RE (Red Edition), previously known as RED Mobile 3. DEX 3 RE is the same precision mixing software pro DJs around the globe have used for live performance at their…
Automatic Gain in DJ software explained

DJ Software Feature Spotlight | Perceptual Automatic Gain

Perceptual Automatic Gain is a feature found in both of our DJ mixing software platforms, DEX 3 and RED Mobile 3, but what is it? Perceptual Automatic Gain can essentially be summed up in basic (although technically it's far from "basic")…
DEX and RED Mobile 3.5.7 upgrade banner

DJ Software | Update 3.5.7 For DEX 3 and RED Mobile 3 Is Available For Download

Download update 3.5.7 for DEX 3 and RED Mobile 3 DJ mixing software applications.  Fresh out of the bat-cave: version 3.5.7 has just been made available for both DEX 3 and RED Mobile 3. Included in 3.5.7 is an updated Pulselocker SDK,…
3.5.5 DJ Software Updates

DEX And RED Mobile 3.5.5 Updates Now Available For Download

DEX 3.5.5 and Red Mobile 3.5.5 DJ mixing software updates are now available for both Mac and Windows. Both free updates for existing users address a previous issue logging in to or registering a Pulselocker account using Facebook login,…
RED Mobile 3.5 DJ software with Pulselocker streaming

DJ Software | Download And Try The RED Mobile 3.5 Release Candidate

RED Mobile 3 is PCDJ's user-friendly DJ mixing software for mixing music and playing karaoke files.  It's DEX 3's little, yet feature-rich, brother. Today RED Mobile 3 grows up. Introducing a release candidate of RED Mobile 3.5. RED Mobile…

New ‘Tablet Mode’ Available In DEX 3 RE

IMPORTANT NOTE: RED Mobile 3 is now named DEX 3 RE (Red Edition) RED Mobile 3.5, a free upgrade for RED Mobile 3 customers, will be (UPDATE: RED Mobile 3.5 is now available HERE) available for download later this week and among other new…
red mobile 3.5 with pulselocker screenshot
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RED Mobile 3.5 | Preview The New Skin Now

A release candidate of RED Mobile 3.5, our DJ software for Mobile DJs or DJs that require an easy-to-use solution for just mixing music, will launch here (check the blog) next week with a myriad of new features and GUI. Loads of performance…

First Look | RED Mobile 3.5 Skin Preview

An upgrade to the RED Mobile 3 DJ mixing software platform is due out this November and among various other added features, it will include a new graphical user interface (skin).  As with all updates the RED Mobile 3.5 update will be free…

Red Mobile 3 Feature Spotlight | Mix Next

Our RED Mobile 3 DJ mixing software has been designed with an eye towards the requirements of Mobile DJs.  "Mix Next" is one of many features specifically created to make a Mobile DJs job easier. The goal when in the RED Mobile 3…

DJ Tips | Album Art: Putting The Soul Back Into Selecting Tracks

A recently posted and well thought-out article from DigitalDJTips.com "7 Rules Of Music Organization For Digital DJs" touches on many great music organizational points, and is worth a read for Digital DJs, particularly for DJs new to DJ mixing…

DJ Software Feature Spotlight | New Karaoke Features In 3.3.3

We recently launched free 3.3.3 updates to DEX 3 and RED Mobile 3 and Karaoke DJs will enjoy some of the changes and new tweaks. Most notable is the change to the singers list/side list present in both our DJ software platforms. Many…

5 Unique Things You May Not Know About Our DJ Software

We busted into our lead developers bat cave today  -- where we make all the wonderful toy's -- to pull him away from working on the 3.4 DJ software updates (we only set back the upcoming 3.4  update at minute or two, promise!)  to…