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DJ Software Mixing in Key by Color

DEX 3.15 DJ Software | Mixing in Key by Color

Not only does the new DEX 3.15 (beta) include in-browser support for Beatport LINK and Beatsource LINK -- DJs that mix in key received a big boost with a slew of new key detection and key mixing features. Mixing tracks on beat is one thing,…
mixing music in key with DEX 3
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Take Your Listeners On A Better Musical Journey By Mixing Songs In Key With DEX 3

You see it on forums and social media user groups and hear DJs talking about it all the time -- "beat matching", "beat mixing", and "beat sync".  If you didn't know better you'd think it was the only skill required to provide an unforgettable…
Key Detection And Searching By Key In DEX 3

Mixing Harmonically With DEX 3 DJ Software | Finding Key-Compatible Tracks Using Search

Our top DJ mixing software, DEX 3, will automatically calculate a songs key and display the key in the browser. Key Detection helps DJs find tracks that not only match well tempo-wise, but also don't clash melodically. Mixing songs harmonically…
Harmonic mixing explained

Harmonic Mixing Explained By Digital DJ Tips (Video)

Key Detection for harmonic mixing was recently added to DEX 3 DJ software. A modified version of the Camelot Scale Key and the Musical Key is automatically analyzed and displayed in both the decks and in the browser ("detect musical key"…
Using Key Detection In PCDJ DEX 3

How-To Use Key Detection For All Your Audio, Video and Karaoke Files In DEX 3.5 (Video)

The freshly updated DEX 3.5.5 DJ software includes automatic key detection for harmonic mixing. Harmonic mixing, or key mixing allows you to blend audio or music video files harmonically, without key clashing.  This allows DJs to easily create…
Key mixing in DEX 3

Key Detection Has Been Added To DEX 3.5.5, But How Does This Benefit DJs?

DEX 3.5.5 is now equipped with musical key detection for harmonic mixing.  This means DEX 3 can calculate and display key for all your audio, video and karaoke files. Under the general tab in DEX 3's options tick the box for 'musical…