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how to backup and restore Karaoki data

Karaoke Software Tip | How-To Backup And Restore All Data In Karaoki (Video)

In the event catastrophe strikes and your Karaoki data is corrupted or lost don't fret, you can restore a created backup in seconds! Karaoki is our top karaoke software solution for pro KJs and karaoke bars and is designed to automatically store/save…

Karaoki Pro Tip | Generating And Importing M3U Playlists Into The Background Music Player

Karaoki is PCDJ's stand-alone karaoke show hosting solution for professional karaoke hosts, and this pro tip will show you how you can use a simple M3U playlist generator to build your background music cases (filler music player). Karaoki…

Karaoke Software Quick Tip: Creating Custom Playlists

PCDJ Karaoki offers a wide array of features for both pro KJs and solo-artist singers.  Today we'll show you how to generate a custom playlist (case). If you're new to Karaoki you may not be aware of the various rotation modes available…