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iTunes is breaking up

Why DJs Should Stop Using iTunes for Media Management

Last week news broke that Apple will likely separate their various media -- Music, Video, and Podcasts -- into their own unique applications when the next macOS drops (to be showcased at WWDC in June and then release in the fall of 2019). Along…
Using iTunes Smart Playlists in DJ Software

Using iTunes Smart Playlists In DJ Software

DigitalDJTips.com recently posted an article "8 iTunes Smart Playlists You Should Be Using". It's a great series of tips on how to best utilize iTunes Smart Playlists for DJ software. All three DEX 3 products (DEX 3, DEX 3 RE and the…

How-To Make Sure DJ Software Picks Up Your iTunes 12.2 Library

The iTunes 12.2 update no longer automatically kicks out a library.xml file for third party DJ software support - here's how you get it back.  iTunes has always been a hugely popular among DJs for media management and playlist creation.…