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Best DJ Controllers for Karaoke
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The Best DJ Controllers for Karaoke

DEX 3 is live performance software for DJing and for hosting karaoke. DEX 3 currently supports over 100 popular DJ controllers from the best brands in the biz, and while they're all beneficial for DJing, they're not all suitable for karaoke…
Creating a Singer History list in DEX 3

DEX 3 Pro Tip | Generating a User List from Singer History (Video)

One of the latest karaoke features included in DEX (and up) is the ability to access singer/song history so you can add the singer and the songs they wish to sing back to rotation quickly. A few customers using DEX 3 to host…
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RED Mobile 3 DJ Software: The Karaoke Basics

The totally redesigned RED Mobile 3 DJ software upgrade dropped a couple weeks ago, complete with a new "side-list" that doubles as a singers list for hosting karaoke. RED Mobile 3 and the previous RED Mobile 2 version have always made…


Professional Karaoke software or otherwise digital based karaoke show hosting software solutions, have been around for more than a decade.  PCDJ created one of the worlds first professional karaoke applications…