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Automatic Gain in DJ software explained

DJ Software Feature Spotlight | Perceptual Automatic Gain

Perceptual Automatic Gain is a feature found in both of our DJ mixing software platforms, DEX 3 and RED Mobile 3, but what is it? Perceptual Automatic Gain can essentially be summed up in basic (although technically it's far from "basic")…

DEX 3 Feature Spotlight | Real-Time Detection Of DJ Controllers

Among other welcomed upgrades, DEX 3.4 introduced the unique ability to auto-detect, in real-time, up to 8 different Midi/HID DJ controllers.  DEX 3 supports nearly 80 DJ controllers from the best brands in the business (Numark, Pioneer DJ,…

DJ Software Feature Spotlight | New Karaoke Features In 3.3.3

We recently launched free 3.3.3 updates to DEX 3 and RED Mobile 3 and Karaoke DJs will enjoy some of the changes and new tweaks. Most notable is the change to the singers list/side list present in both our DJ software platforms. Many…