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Why You Shouldn’t Bargain Shop for your DJ Computer

You just spent 1K+ on that shiny new Pioneer DDJ-SX3 DJ controller, bought the perfect case to transport it in along with your DJ computer, bought all the cables, microphones, speakers, stands, LED display, lighting, and all the other gear you'll…
MAC or PC for DJing?

DJ Software | MAC or PC for DJing? (Video)

Phil from DigitalDJTips.com provides his opinion on the polarizing "MAC or PC for your DJ computer" debate.   So, should you use a MAC or Windows PC for DJing? To sum it up Phil's take in the video above - it really doesn't matter. DEX…

A Month In | Running Windows 10 On Your DJ Computer

On July 29th, the day Windows 10 launched we posted a warning about installing Windows 10 to your DJ computer. While the PCDJ team collectively agrees if DEX 3 or RED Mobile 3 DJ software is running perfectly fine on your existing DJ machine…

Why You Should Use A Dedicated Graphics Card For Music Video Mixing

When mixing music videos with DJ software like DEX 3 you're better off with a DJ computer (Mac or Windows) equipped with a dedicated graphics card versus shared graphics. The latest Intel HD 4000 series (and up) shared graphics cards…
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What Are The Best Computers For Mixing Music Videos?

Mixing Music Videos with DJ software like PCDJ DEX 2 (and upcoming version 3) is much more demanding on your DJ computer's resources than when mixing audio only. When mixing videos, you are utilizing your machines video card to send the video…

DPC Latency Checker – Is Your Windows Computer Capable Of Running DJ Software?

Thesycon’s DPC Latency Checker is a Windows-Only utility that analyses the capabilities of your DJ computer system to handle real-time data streams, and it's FREE. When trying to figure out if your Windows computer is up to snuff for…

Optimizing Your Computer For DJ Software

When I'm not busy socializing with our PCDJ community via our forums, social sites and blog posts I like to take a few minutes each week to answer our sales and customer service lines, mainly to gauge our audience on what their frequently asked questions…