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DEX 3 with LYRX karaoke skin

New LYRX Karaoke Skin Features in DEX (Video)

New in DEX are improvements and updates to the included "LYRX" skins, designed to host karaoke more efficiently. A new, rapid method for searching singer history, independent tempo control slider, improvements to the key detection…
Creating a Singer History list in DEX 3

DEX 3 Pro Tip | Generating a User List from Singer History (Video)

One of the latest karaoke features included in DEX (and up) is the ability to access singer/song history so you can add the singer and the songs they wish to sing back to rotation quickly. A few customers using DEX 3 to host…
Managing your DEX 3 and DEX 3 RE library


There are various useful methods for importing and accessing your music library in DEX 3 or DEX 3 RE DJ mixing software -- but we're not going to cover those. This is how PCDJ staffers do it... If you're new to our DJ mixing software…
Using the sample decks in DEX 3 top DJ mixing software

DJ Software Tutorial | Loading, Recording And Triggering Samples In DEX 3 (VIDEO)

DEX 3 is equipped with 8 sample deck players that allow DJs to load short audio clips from their hard drive as well as sample the master output in real-time.  DEX 3 is our top DJ mixing software solution designed for today's versatile…
Video Link Feature in DEX 3.6 DJ and Video Mixing Software

Video Demonstration Of The New ‘Video Link’ Feature Found in DEX 3.6

DEX 3.6 (BETA) was published for public beta last week and introduced a new 'Video Link' Feature. We demonstrate how this feature can be utilized during video mix sets in the video demonstration below. VDJ's mixing music videos with DEX 3…
DEX 3 prevent screen 2 from being minimized

DEX 3 Pro Tip | How-To Access Desktop Or Other Applications Without Screen 2 Video Minimizing

We've all been there... You're at a mobile event mixing music videos with DEX 3 and you receive a request for a video you don't have in your collection that you need to fill in a pinch. You have internet access and have the capability…

DEX 3 Video Tutorial | Sync Start

A unique feature exclusive to PCDJ DJ Mixing software is "Sync Start" The purpose of Sync Start is much like Sync, to align two or more tracks at the same tempo and on-beat - which is possible thanks to the beat-grid technology found in…

DEX 3 Video Tutorial | Storing And Recalling Loops

The DEX 3.4 DJ mixing software update dropped last week, and one of the new features included with the skin update is the ability to store and recall loops. A loop allows you to repeat a section of the playing track seamlessly and in sync…

Video Tutorial | Drag And Drop Files Into The DEX 3 Library From Finder Or Explorer

The recent launch of the DEX 3.4 mixing software update provides a few new features and performance improvements, including the ability to drag-and-drop files directly into active lists or the sidelist/automix list from Finder (MAC) or Explorer…

Video Tutorial | Using Autocue And How To Set Mix In And Out Points For Automix

DEX 3.4 (DJ And VJ Software) is now available for download and comes equipped with a revamped autocue feature and the ability to reset mix in and out cue points. The video tutorial below will walk you through how autocue works, and how you…

DEX 3 DJ And VJ Software Quick Tip | Color Coding Different Media File Types

DEX 3 DJ and VJ software provides one MIX EVERYTHING platform for all your various media file types. Thus your track library can consist of many thousands of audio files, video files and karaoke files.  Included in DEX 3 are handy library…

Setting And Triggering Hot Cues In DEX 3 DJ Software

A standard feature included within DJ mixing software today is the ability to set and trigger hot cues.  DEX 3 allows you to set hot cues with either a supported DJ Controller, or with a keyboard and mouse. What are hot cues? Hot Cues…