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DEX 3 Video Tutorial | Storing And Recalling Loops

The DEX 3.4 DJ mixing software update dropped last week, and one of the new features included with the skin update is the ability to store and recall loops. A loop allows you to repeat a section of the playing track seamlessly and in sync…

Setting And Triggering Hot Cues In DEX 3 DJ Software

A standard feature included within DJ mixing software today is the ability to set and trigger hot cues.  DEX 3 allows you to set hot cues with either a supported DJ Controller, or with a keyboard and mouse. What are hot cues? Hot Cues…

DJ Software Demo Video – Nesting Folders As Favorites (Importing Music)

Our DEX 3 DJ Software hit the streets a little over 3 weeks with a bang, it's been a big hit so far and we have our loyal users to thank.     Over the last 16 years we've prided ourselves on keeping our ear to the ground.  Users can interact…