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DEX 3.16.1 Public Beta

DEX Public Beta | Download and Try it Now

You're invited to download and try DEX, a new public beta of our top DJ mixing software solution.  DEX includes various fixes and Beatport LINK and Beatsource LINK support for the new ARM M1-based Macs. A number of…
Beatport LINK and Beatsource LINK support for DEX 3 DJ Software

Download New DEX 3.15.2 Public Beta | Includes Support for Beatport LINK and Beatsource LINK

A public beta of DEX 3.15.2 is available for download with two new streaming options for DJs. (Updated 10/21/20) We're exited to announce that Beatport LINK and Beatsource LINK support has been added to DEX 3.15.2. Support for the two…
Download DEX 3.8 release candidate 2

DJ Software | DEX 3.8 Release Candidate 2 Is Now Available For Download

Release candidate 2 of DEX 3.8 is ready for download! On Monday we released a RC1 of DEX 3.8 along with a list of all things new, changed and fixed. Since then, we've received your reports and a tremendous amount of feedback. We…
Download DEX 3.8 DJ software

DJ Software | A Release Candidate Of DEX 3.8 Is Ready For Download

Download and try the release candidate of DEX 3.8 below We're excited to bring you a brand new edition of our top DJ mixing software solution, version 3.8 of DEX 3! Version 3.8 of DEX 3 has been in the making for a few months now…
Download DEX 3 Video Mixing Software Public Beta 3.7.0

DJ Software | Download DEX 3.7 Public Beta With Text, Image And Video Overlay

DEX 3.7.0 public beta is ready to download for both Mac and Windows and includes new text, image and video overlay capabilities. Adding to DEX 3's innovative set of video mixing tools is the brand-spanking-new Text, Image and Video Overlay…
Download DEX 3.6.1 DJ Software

DEX 3.6.1 Public Beta Available For Download

DEX 3.6.1 DJ software maintenance release is available for download. Often the most extensive and coveted software improvements are not always apparent at first blush but are reflected in overall performance -- things just feel better. With DEX…
DEX 3.6 RC2 Ready for Download

Video Mixing Software | DEX 3.6 (RC2) Is Ready For Download

Release candidate 2 for DEX 3.6 VDJ software is now available for download. Last Friday we pushed out an RC (Release Candidate) of DEX 3.6. While it was very well received by our DJ community, there was one reported bug that we've…
DEX 3.6 RC DJ software is available

DJ And Video Mixing Software | DEX 3.6 (RC) Is Now Available For Download

A release candidate for DEX 3.6 DJ and video mixing software is ready for download.  A slew of public beta release for DEX 3.6 has brought us to this point; a release candidate for DEX 3.6 is now available, complete with the new Pulselocker…
DEX 3.6 DJ Software Beta Download

New DEX 3.6 Beta Version Available For Download

A new DEX 3.6 DJ software beta for MAC and Windows is available for download. Please note: This is a beta version, so please test thoroughly before using live. You can roll back to the public release by re-installing from the DEX 3…

Calling On Beta Testers | New DEX 3.5 Release

DEX 3 is Digital 1 Audio's flagship DJ program for mixing audio and music videos, and version 3.4 dropped just a couple weeks ago.  Our mad scientists are already working diligently on "what's next" - and we need your help... DEX 3.5…

DEX 3.4 Pre-Release Available For Download

DEX 3.4 (DJ, VJ and Karaoke Software) for MAC and Windows pre-release has just dropped with a myriad of new features and performance improvements. DEX 3 is designed for DJs that want to provide their audience with the total multimedia experience,…