We’ve Upgraded Our Support Ticketing System To Better Serve You

New support ticketing system for PCDJ

Ever since we started this little Digital DJ thing back in ’98, PCDJ has prided itself on offering top-notch support and customer service.

When the Digital 1200sl DJ software launched all disc jockey’s were green on how to use a computer to DJ with (most felt it would never catch on!).  I recall manning the tech lines personally.  It wasn’t uncommon to look around the sales floor to find 5+ sales reps all on tech/training calls simultaneously.

PCDJ support ticketing system

While Digital DJing can now be considered just “DJing” as the vast majority of DJs use a laptop to perform with, selling DJ software and karaoke software products is and always will be a ‘technical sale’. We understand that in this business the support side of things is just as important as the quality of the software product itself to many.  After all, DJs earn their living with their computer and DJ software — it’s their livelihood and making sure they have quality support when required is paramount.

We’re happy to announce that after 5+ years of using the same simple support ticketing system we’ve upgraded to a platform that will provide users with improved ease-of-use and better access — and the new tools the platform provides will help us better serve our users by providing our development team and technical staff with in-depth tracking and reporting.

The new tracking tools will help our customers, too, as we’ll have a more efficient method to determine what issues may be occurring and the insight to address them more rapidly. This will help ensure better stability and performance across all PCDJ products.

You can find the new Support Ticketing System HERE – and as always customers can expect a reply in an hour or less during business hours.

Here are a few advantages of the new support ticketing system

  • Customers can track ALL previous support ticket inquiries and responses with a single log in
  • No need to punch in your PCDJ product information and activation code when submitting a ticket – the new system will record that data the first time you use it for all future inquires
  • Our support team can easily track trends through reporting, ensuring any problems can be addressed by development more rapidly
  • We can respond to support inquiries submitted both directly through the ticketing system on PCDJ.com or via any of our various social channels (IE Facebook and Twitter)
  • New customer satisfaction surveys and polls — allowing you to tell us how you feel, no holds bared!


We know support is important to our customers and our new ticketing system should help us do a more efficient job of keeping you in the mix!