StickerLight | Save Ten Bucks on Light Up Laptop Skin with YOUR LOGO

Light Up Laptop Skins

Light Up Laptop Skins | Promo Code: PCDJ

We’ve got a special limited time offer for PCDJ customers from our friends at StickerLight — creators of the world’s greatest laptop skin.

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PCDJ users save $10 with promo code PCDJ when used at checkout at

Why StickerLight? They’ve made custom skins for thousands of DJs and their skins don’t just look great — they ILLUMINATE.

Each custom Stickerlight (yes, your own logo!) comes with a rechargeable power pack that offer various different lighting modes. The StickerLight can stay completely lit, synchronize with the music you’re mixing, or flash in several patterns. It does not need to plug into your computer and can be powered from an AC adapter if you so choose.

StickerLight can ship world-wide and your order also comes with two complete units in case of loss or damage, as well as a one year warranty.

StickerLight Coupon

The StickerLight illuminated skin is just ½ mm thick. The electronics are removable, weigh just 4 oz, and are less than half the size of the phone in your pocket. When you’re adding a Stickerlight to your setup, you’re not adding a mess of cables and extra gear that you need to haul around.

Don’t have a logo yet? StickerLight can assist their, too. They can design your logo with their in-house graphic design team that would be happy to help you properly visualize your brand. Their professional logo design fee is only $40 — that’s an amazing price for custom logo design no matter who you’re dealing with.

Why are we, PCDJ, offering this to our customer? Mainly because staff members here are already StickerLight customers and plainly put, they’re SICK! With the DJ competition out there these days branding is more important than ever — and a customer StickerLight with your DJ or Company logo will help you stand out and get noticed.

Just remember to use Promo Code: PCDJ to save $10 at checkout!

StickerLight is $219 before discount. Worldwide shipping. Your order comes with two units and a one year warranty.

Check out StickerLight in Action…