SoundCloud Go+ Subscription | Now Available in 5 New Markets!

SoundCloud Go+ Subscription for DJ Software

The DJ-centric SoundCloud Go+ music subscription service recently launched in 5 new markets – Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland.

The expanded territory allows DEX 3 DJ software users in those countries to subscribe ($9.99 after 30-day free trial) to SoundCloud Go+ and enjoy the benefits of in-app access to a massive music catalog of over 200 million songs, which includes top-artist content and underground tracks.

The SoundCloud Go+ streaming service was added to DEX 3 a couple of months ago and has been a big hit, especially for DJs that take requests. As long as you’ve got a reliable internet connection it’s as easy as typing in the artist/title you’re looking for, receiving instant results (which often include both the original track and remixes), and loading to a deck for lightning-quick streaming playback.

If you haven’t yet giving SoundCloud Go+ a try, check out this video to learn how to take it for a test spin and here are a few tips to help you get started, including the “power of the like” button that allows you to add any playlist found on the SoundCloud website or Mobile App to DEX 3 with a single click.

SoundCloud Go+ and DEX 3 means you can supersize your sets with the largest streaming catalog available, and truly #MixEverything.


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