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SoundCloud x DEX 3 Pro Tip | The Power of the LIKE Button

SoundCloud Go+ with DJ Software - the LIKE feature

As DJs, especially the mobile variety, we’ve all been there before…

You’ve booked an event that requires you to perform with a genre of music you’re only vaguely familiar with, because hey, you’re in the DJ business not only for your love of music and mixing, but to put a little coin in your pocket.

DJ software with SoundCloud Playlists

Sure, you can ask other DJs for input through Facebook User Groups, and some will gladly share their 2 cents, but throwing together a quality list of genre-specific songs to mix from can still be an arduous task.

Enter SoundCloud Go+ with DEX 3, and the ‘LIKE’ button.

One of the coolest and most useful functions of SoundCloud Go+ (other than the fact you can access and stream over 200 million songs in DEX3, including premium popular artists) and DEX 3 is the ability to “LIKE” any playlist on SoundCloud.com and have it automatically sync with DEX 3. SoundCloud provides their own curated charts and playlists, but I find many users of the platform have taking considerable time and effort to create in-depth, genre-specific playlists, often loaded with 200+ tracks.

You can always tell if a playlist is thorough and well received by the number of “LIKES” it receives on SoundCloud.com. I’ll also make a point of reviewing user comments to see how on-point and current the playlist is for my target audience.

Is it cheating? It kinda feels like it is 🤷🏽‍♂️, but I find the “LIKE” function to be an amazing tool for music discovery and for those events where you’re in bind and need tracks that fit the audience.

Another neat capability? Use the Android or iOS SoundCloud app while you’re on-the-go and “LIKE” a playlist, get back to the studio, fire up DEX 3, and boom — there it is, ready to mix.

If you haven’t yet tried SoundCloud Go+ you can signup for a 30 day free trial, either directly through DEX 3 (in the file browser) or through the SoundCloud Website.

Supersize your sets with DEX 3 x SoundCloud Go+!

How-To Create and LIKE Playlists on SoundCloud.com


Have questions about SoundCloud Go+ and using it with our DEX 3 DJ Software? Please leave them in the comments section below!