SongBookDB Feature Spotlight | Tip The Karaoke Host

Tip the Karaoke Host with SongbookDB

Karaoki with SongbookDB form a perfect duet of karaoke player and remote singer/song requests.

One of the latest and KJ-pleasing features added to the SongbookDB remote song request system is the ability for singers to “Tip the DJ” from the free singers apps (Available for iOS and Android).

All SongbookDB subscribers ($19-a-month) need to do is enter their Paypal email address and switch the “Tip the DJ” function on in Business Details, then singers will see a “Tip the DJ” button at the bottom of your song book on their mobile device. Singer are also presented with the “Tip the DJ” button periodically among song search results.

When the singer clicks the button it easily allows them to tip you $1, $2, $5, or $10 USD – sent directly to your PayPal account.

SongbookDB does not take a percentage of your singer tips – the full amount minus Paypal’s fee (2.9% + $0.30 + any currency conversion fees) is credited directly to your Paypal account, and a notification of the amount and venue it was sent from is emailed to you. That way, if you have multiple karaoke hosts working for you, you can calculate which karaoke host should receive the tip.

Our partners at SongBookDB have truly created a robust, remote singer/song request system that’s both easy-to-use for your singers and the Karaoki karaoke host. Song requests come directly into Karaoki through the Karaoki remote request plug-in – making it super easy to ditch the printed songbooks for an online songbook solution that’s both green and modern.

Other bonus features you get with a SongbookDB subscription:


  • RECEIVE REQUESTS IN KARAOKI:  Requests come directly into the Karaoki remote plugin via the internet – click one button to send both the singer and requested song to rotation
  • BUZZ:  Alert singers by buzzing their mobile device when their song is ready
  • SHOUT OUT:  Send a message to all singers phone simunatiously
  • ADMIN STATS:  Log in at to view who’s searching your book and what they are searching for and requesting
  • VENUE ADMIN: The venues you host karaoke at can independently set up an an admin account where they can upload ads. IE: Drinks specials that appear on singer’s phones when they’re at your show
  • Add your logo, website, phone and Facebook page details
  • Edit and tag your songs
  • Setup and save up to 8 song books and venues. This caters for businesses with multiple karaoke hosts working on the same night
  • KIOSK MODE:  Set up a laptop or tablet kiosk at your shows for singers that do not wish to use their own mobile device

Getting Started With Karaoki And SongBookDB

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