Feature Spotlight: SongBookDB “Shout Out” Feature

We launched our karaoke software (Karaoki) integration with SongBookDB a few weeks ago, a remote singer/song request platform that allows KJs to ditch printed karaoke song books in favor of an online solution.

The benefits are clear; you no longer need to print a new karaoke song book every time you update your music library — singers can browse, search a KJs music and make requests right from their phone via website or Android/iOS app — it’s unique and great sales tool for the KJ and venue — and a myriad of bonus features such as the ability to buzz a singers phone when their up to sing and “Shout Out”.   This latter bonus feature is what we’re focusing on in this Feature Spotlight post.

Feature Spotlight: Shout Out

The “Shout Out” feature included with your SongBookDB subscription allows you to simultaneously and instantly send a message to all singers browsing your karaoke song list via the SongBookDB Singers App (Android / iOS)

If you’re a KJ or Venue and want to inform the singers of the $1 fireball shots available for the next hour: Shout Out.   If the karaoke host wants to let all crooners know when their next gig is and where: Shout Out.  If the singer currently on the mic had a few too many of the $1 fireball shots and other singers look as though they’re ready to head for the nearest exit: Shout Out (an apology).

You get the idea, and I’m sure you can come up with better uses for Shout Out than I.  Learn More About SongBookDB HERE

Watch Video Demonstration Of The SongBookDB Shout Out Feature