SongBookDB: Remote Song Request System Video Guide

Go green and ditch the archaic printed karaoke song books for an all-digital solution with SongbookDB and Karaoki.

Our recently formed partnership with SongbookDB, and subsequent SongbookDB plug-in spawn, allows Karaoki karaoke software users to upload their karaoke song books online for their singers to browse and search.

Your karaoke singers use their own phone to make song requests with the free SongbookDB singer apps for Android or iPhone — and a web-app version is available for other OS’s (such as Windows phones).  The service and Karaoki plug-in is free to try for a full 30 days, without limitations.  It’s $19 a month on a month-to-month subscription thereafter, or only $14 a month if paid annually. Learn more HERE

SongbookDB remote song requests

Once a KJ signs up for the 30 day free trial, SongbookDB provides downloads by email for the SongbookDB Pal App (create and manage shows and song lists) and the Karaoki SongbookDB plugin.   The plug-in receives the singers song requests so with one-click the requests can be sent to rotation.  The options don’t stop there, as there are a host of bonus features included with the subscription such as the ability to buzz the singer when they’re up to sing, crowd “shout-outs”or lock out any singer that insists on singing their own spunky 30 minute rendition of “I will survive“.

Here are all the SongbookDB tutorial videos you’ll need to learn all the in’s and out’s of this really robust platform:

Quick Start for DJs:

Requests Hoster App – receive song requests on your mobile device:
This app is an alternative to receiving requests in the SongbookDB Pal desktop app, or the PCDJ Requests Plugin for Karaoki.

PCDJ Karaoki plugin for SongbookDB requests:
Let’s you add SongbookDB song requests directly to the singer’s folder in Karaoki.

How to export your cases from Karaoki (TSV files) for uploading to SongbookDB:

Using SongbookDB as a Standalone Kiosk:

Shout Out! – Send the Crowd Messages:

Making Admin and Request Logins the Same: