SongBookDB Online Song Book System | Pro Tip For DJs

Shaun Thomson of SongbookDB.com shared with PCDJ this pro tip for KJs that also DJ during their gigs.

SongbookDB is an online song book remote request system, and we’ve integrated the platform via a plug-in for our karaoke software that receives the requests — so with one button press the operator can send the song directly to Karaoki’s rotation list.  Key changes are automatically applied as well, and the singer can also share with the operator special notes.   The KJ (or operator) can even buzz the singers phone when it’s their turn to sing — it’s a way cool platform with a ton of bonus features.

SongBookDB Pro Tip From The Creator

Want to host KARAOKE for the first part of the night, then DJ later?

Here’s how to set it up, and then quickly switch over to “DJ” mode during the night:

1. Import your DJ songs to a different rig, eg rig 4.

2. Create a separate gig for your DJ music. I usually create new venues for karaoke and DJ sections too eg The Grand Hotel Kiama – KARAOKE, and The Grand Hotel Kiama – DJ SONGS (you’ll only need to create the venues once – then they’re there for good).

3. Tell your patrons to select The Grand Hotel Kiama – KARAOKE from their venue selector.

4. Do your karaoke thang!

5. When you’re ready to switch over to DJing half way through the night, switch requests off, then on again. You will be re-presented with the venue selector. Select “DJ” from the show type drop down on the right (this changes the “Sing” requests buttons on people’s phones to “DJ Request”, and also presents them with a different form to send you than the karaoke one), then select The Grand Hotel Kiama – DJ SONGS from your venue selector.

6. Tell your patrons to select The Grand Hotel Kiama – DJ SONGS from their venue selector.

7. Do your DJ thang!

That’s your SongbookDB Karaoke Software Pro Tip of the Month!