SongbookDB Remote Song Request | Kiosk Mode

If you want to receive remote song requests from singers in Karaoki via the internet, directly from your singers phone’s, SongbookDB is the ideal solution.

SongbookDB “Kiosk Mode”

Our Karaoki development team worked with SongbookDB for some time to create what we feel are perfect dancing partners.   Export your karaoke cases (the name for song lists in Karaoki) as TSV files, upload and manage with the SongbookDB Pal App and your singers can browse, search and request songs right from their own phone (Android and iOS versions of the SongbookDB singers app are available for free). The requests come into Karaoki and it’s a one-click operation to send the song/singer to rotation.

The SongbookDB rich capabilities don’t stop there, as you can buzz singers phones when their up to sing, send a simultaneous ‘shout out’ to all singers browsing your songbook at that very moment and even block singers if they won’t stop requesting Nickelback tunes…

What If Singers Don’t Have Internet Enabled Phones For Song Requests?

Singers can use the Android/ iOS apps (free to download/use) or just visit SongbookDB.com to browse your song book, select key and song version and submit their request.  It’s seamless and super easy.  In the event a singer doesn’t have an internet enabled phone, or would rather not mess with downloading an app etc — you can use the “Kiosk Mode” option.

If you have a spare laptop that connects to the internet, you can set it up as a kiosk at gigs for singers that don’t have phones.

(2:50 mins):

Here’s How To Setup SongbookDB “Kiosk” Mode:

  1. Open https://www.songbookdb.com in your browser on your spare laptop and/or tablet (NOTE: We suggest not to use Chrome – it sometimes has an issue where the kiosk resets itself regardless of user activity)
  2. Log into the public login (home page) that singers normally use, using your Requests username preceded by the word “kiosk“. So if your requests username is usually “johnskaraoke“, log in with “kioskjohnskaraoke“, and the your normal requests password underneath.
  3. A venue selector will display, showing venues you have gigs set up for (in your Gig Guide). Select your current venue, and click the LOGIN button.

Your browser will now show the kiosk version of what singers would normally see (with some reduced functionality, such as not storing their own history or favorites). When they send a Request, the normal ‘Extra Names‘ field turns into a ‘Your name‘ field, so they can identify themselves to you.

When requests are sent, the word ‘kiosk‘ will appear in the first column in your Requests grid, and the singer’s name will appear in the ‘Extra Names‘ column.

(NOTE: Your kiosk can have up to 100 songs in the queue.)

Click Here To View SongbookDB “Kiosk Mode” In Action