SongbookDB Feature Update Overview

SongbookDB Updated November 2015

SongbookDB is a robust remote request system with a plethora of bonus features. A free update has been posted with a couple additional options.

SongbookDB allows your singers to view your song book right from their own phone and make requests that pop-up in PCDJ Karaoki via the internet (if you’re offline, you can receive request on your own phone).  Click one button to send the track to rotation. You never need to print a song book again!

Here’s a breakdown of what’s included in the free SongbookDB update:

The auto-choose feature is officially in this release:

There’s a new feature in the plugin in SETTINGS called Auto Choose Version. If the KJ ticks it, and a singer doesn’t choose a version, the system auto chooses one. If they untick it, and a singer doesn’t choose a version, then the VERSION field displays a + for that song, and upon clicking it, the KJ is presented with a data-grid of song versions to select from, which then adds the song to Karaoki.

    • It works if auto-add is on or off in auto or manual add mode

• If auto-add is on and the SongbookDB plugin finds tracks that don’t have a version, IE the singer needs the KJ’s attention, it displays a message in the plugin, explaining that any requests with a single + in the VERSIONS column need the KJ to choose the version, and to click to view and select from available versions. When the singer chooses a version, the system either processes any other multi version requests the same way, or goes back to polling for new requests.

Two new sections have been added to the SongbookDB site:

STATS: This is a new section at (or click the new BUSINESS DETAILS & STATS button in Pal’s main menu) where you can see who’s using your app, what songs they are searching for and requesting, and, if they make it available, their contact email, + more stats. It’s easy to use – just follow the instructions in the docs at

Additional states that have been added:

  • The top 100 most sung songs at your shows
    (archive began Nov 2015)
  • The top 100 most performed artists at your shows
    (archive began Nov 2015)
  • SongbookDB Worldwide Top 100 Songs Sung chart
    (archive began Nov 2015)
  • Details of songs sung at your shows + singer details
    (archive began Nov 2015)
  • Details of searches made by your logged in users
    (archive began April 2014)
  • Details of searches made by your non-logged in users
    (archive began April 2014)

VENUES: There’s a newly created Venue Admin feature at where the KJ’s venues can register an account to upload ads that appear in the ad rotation on singers’ phones when they are viewing your song book at their venue, so they can promote their drink specials and other point of sale offerings. This helps add value to your show, as now you have another selling point when pitching your show to venues, and maintaining your value with your current venues. Simply tell them to go to songbookdb/venue and follow the instructions!