Songbook Remote Request Beta Test Kicked Off For PCDJ Karaoki

One of the most highly request features for our karaoke show hosting software PCDJ Karaoki is the ability to upload songbooks so singers can view and make requests via their internet enabled phones.

We’ve explored many options to accomplish this, including designing our own platform from scratch.   We kept coming back to one packaged solution that seemed to have all the functionality our karaoke software users were requesting, and more.   SongBookDB is that solution.

What is  SongBookDB?

SongbookDB is a karaoke song book app (web-app, Android, and soon iOS) that lets the public view and browse KJ’s songbooks on their mobile devices.

Singers easily connect to the KJ’s song book by either…

  • entering the 5 character KJ handle that KJs set up when they register, or
  • scanning the QR code KJs display at their gigs 

Not only does it put KJ song lists in the hands of anyone who has a phone, but it makes the karaoke experience fun, fast and interactive with extra features such as live song requesting (if the KJ choose to use this feature), ready to sing notifications, a Favs folder + more!

KJs register their free 30 day trial song book account, and use the desktop app SongbookDB Pal (For PCDJ Karaoki customers the Pal Widget will be intergrated directly into the software, so requests will pop up IN PCDJ Karaoki directly!) to create, edit, and upload their song lists, venues and gigs, plus receive song requests.

The KJ has complete control over the process, with the ability to switch song requesting on or off, alter their song book appearance and features, ban requesters, plus many more user friendly features:

  • BUZZ – alert singers when their song is ready
  • SHOUT OUT – send a message to everyone currently viewing your song book
  • add your logo, website, phone and Facebook page details
  • edit and tag your songs
  • have multiple song books and venues (up to 8). This caters for businesses with multiple KJs working on the same night
  • a kiosk mode so you can also set up a laptop kiosk at your shows

We’re in the final stages of integration now and are looking for a few beta testers to assist in testing the platform.   You must be a PCDJ Karaoki customer.  

What we’re testing right now is support for PCDJ Karaoki’s TSV files (TSV files are exported from Karaoki cases).    Export a TSV from PCDJ Karaoki, and upload to SongBook DB.     As we get closer to a release, beta testers that sign up now will get a priority look at the full platform and release candidate additionally!

If you’d like to take part in the beta test, please fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch with you shortly:


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