If You’re A Solo Artist You May Want Your Head In The Karaoke Cloud

Solo Artist Performer Backing Tracks Cover

Last week Digitrax Entertainment announced the addition of 7,500+ karaoke backing tracks added to Karaoke Cloud Pro, the in-Karaoki subscription service that already provides 6000 karaoke tracks (with on-screen lyrics).

The 7,500 plus karaoke backing tracks are high-quality re-creations, just like the standard karaoke content already included, minus on-screen lyrics. Without the inclusion of on-screen lyrics there is no need for a synchronization license, therefore many of the artists on the Karaoke No-Fly list can be included.  Artists such as Adele, Katy Perry and Bon Jovi – to name a few.

Other backing tracks included are waiting for approval from the publishers so on-screen lyrics can be added and re-released into Karaoke Cloud Pro, but the thought was until they are cleared it would be better to include them without lyrics for the time being. We agree, since Karaoki is popular with Solo Artists that simply need backing tracks to play and/or sing along with.

Karaoki includes a “Solo Artist” rotation mode, designed specifically for performers that aren’t hosting karaoke. In Solo Artist Mode the rotation list in Karaoki works more like a standard queue list. The performer can use the “Load Next Singer” button to load and play from the list manually (You can also map the ‘Load Next Singer’ button in Karaoki to a USB foot pedal/switch, which some Solo Artist prefer for hands-free operation), or setup for auto-karaoke and select the amount of silence between tracks.

With Karaoke Cloud Pro now offering a massive selection of karaoke backing tracks Solo Artists may have a greater incentive to  subscribe to the $99-a-month karaoke subscription service, offering them the library they need to perform for any crowd. With iTunes selling karaoke backing tracks at $2-a-pop it’s also cost-effective for Solo Artists performing at least a handful of times monthly.

Karaoki (In Solo Artist Mode) + Karaoke Cloud Pro (backing tracks) together create an ideal duet for Solo Artist performers.


Have questions about Solo Artist Mode In Karaoki, or the new karaoke backing tracks? Please leave them in the comments section below!