Social Media Tips for DJs: What To Post and When

You’ve got the DJ software and just purchased a choice DJ controller with all the bells and whistles. You’ve practiced for many hours on end, and can mix and select tunes with the best of them.  Now you need to build your presence online and find fans and potential clients.

Being a top DJ means lots of self promotion, building your brand and top-of-mind presence with your fans and/or clients.  We’ve touched on this topic before with ways to build your social networking profile utilizing Facebook and Twitter.

You already have a DJ and/or DJ company page on Facebook and likely a handful of other social sites, but likely shave trouble keeping things organized.  It doesn’t have to be difficult when trying to diversify your content across all your social channels, and timing your posts for peak post times to ensure the most impact is a great way to maximize your efforts.    Grow your social reach and post relative content that will truly engage your audience and get your profile and posts shared, and you’ll climb the social ranks and shred anonymity for good.

This is a truly fantastic info-graphic below from Business 2 Community that was designed with musicians in mind, but applies perfectly to DJs too.  It explains what, when, and how often to post to the 9 most popular social media platforms: