Sneak Peek At The All New DEX DJ App Coming To iOS And Android

DEX DJ APP For iOS and Android Teaser

Everyone loves a good teaser, right?

Today we’ll peel back the curtain just a bit so you can get a first look at the evolving design of the upcoming DEX DJ app for iOS and Android.

Just like Digital DJs replaced clunky lunchbox and rack-mount style PC’s with laptops in the early 2000’s, the shift to using tablets for live performance has already begun. Our upcoming DEX DJ app for both iOS and Android may have you ready to make the switch sooner rather than later.


Unlike the existing DJ DEX app currently available in the iOS app store, the all-new forthcoming DEX DJ app is built using the exact same technologies found in the full-fledged DEX 3 mixing software for MAC and Windows. This means DJs have all the features and capabilities they’ve come to expect from live performance DJ software, spread across a touch-friendly modern GUI that boasts multiple tabs for your tablet mixing pleasure.

Minus the video mixing capabilities (for now), the revamped DEX DJ app will turn your iOS or Android tablet into a veritable DJ mixing console with capabilities that far exceed those found in most other DJ apps on the market. The DEX apps beat lock, effects and waveform manipulation proficiency are super tight – so much so we feel quite a few Pro DJs will gladly bin their laptop in favor of a quality tablet for live mixing at professional events or on-the-go.

The DEX app isn’t just for pro DJs – it’s easy enough for beginner DJs and bedroom jocks to jump into the mix creating quality on-the-fly mashups with minimal effort.

The DEX DJ app iOS edition will be available first with the Android version coming shortly thereafter. Please be sure to subscribe to the PCDJ newsletter (The newsletter signup form is on this page – on the right if browsing via a laptop, on the bottom if viewed on a mobile device) so you’ll be informed when the DEX DJ app is available.

Note: The image below is subject to change, and is showcasing only a few of the available modes/tabs included. 


DEX DJ app for Android and iOS coming soon

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