Explaining The Benefits Of Using SongbookDB To Your Singers

SongbookDB Remote Phone Requests

SongbookDB is a remote song/singer request platform that works with our karaoke show hosting software, Karaoki.

Singers browse and search your online karaoke song book from their own phone and submit requests that pop-up in Karaoki directly. With one-click the singer and the requested song are sent to rotation — and that’s only the most basic of features SongbookDB provides to karaoke hosts.

Remote request systems like SongbookDB offer a modern interactive solution that enables KJs to ditch the printed song books. While it’s not necessarily new technology, it’s new to many karaoke singers that are accustom to traditional printed books. Getting your singers started with SongbookDB and understanding the benefits may seem daunting at first – but it doesn’t have to be.

Cynthia “Queen” Jesseen of ‘Tulsa Karaoke DJ Nights‘ is a long-time Karaoki aficionado and a SongbookDB user.  She’s been incorporating SongbookDB into her karaoke shows for nearly a year now with overwhelming success.

Karaoke Host Cynthia Jesseen

Since many of Cynthia’s singers following her on Facebook, and many others subscribe to her email list, she put together the following message explaining to her singers the benefits of using SongbookDB. We think it’s simple and to the point, and more important may help some of new SongbookDB and Karaoki users to get their singers on-board with using the request platform.

This is what Cynthia posted. She was happy to share with the rest of our community and hope it helps you on-board your singers with SongbookDB:

If you haven’t downloaded the interactive Sngbookdb app on your mobile device yet here are some reasons you might want to!

With a FREE SINGER ACCOUNT (all singer accounts are ALWAYS free and it is as simple as logging in with Facebook)

1.Easily access songs from anywhere in the venue

2.Send songs to Karaoke Host/Hostess from anywhere (even if you are running late to a venue you can add your songs in advance! Just leave a note to the KJ that you are on your way so she/he can place you on break until you arrive)

3. Easily tip your KJ straight from your mobile device

4. If you don’t find your song on the list you can send a note or email to the dj to see if your selection is available at a legal purchase site.

5. With a free account (all singer accounts are always free) you can also build a favorites songlist so you can remember what all your favorite go to songs are.

Here is where you can download this amazing app to your mobile device NOW and be prepared for the next Karaoke Show!

The CODE for Tulsa Karaoke DJ Nights is XXXXX

Just search for my code and login to view my book – browse and make your request (even select a key change if you wish!).  That’s it!