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Shoutcast Support and DEX 3, a Breakdown

Broadcast your mix online with DEX 3 and Shoutcast

Shoutcast streaming support was recently added to DEX 3.17.1, but what is it?

The more comprehensive breakdown is from Wikipedia:

Shoutcast (formerly SHOUTcast) is a service for streaming media over the Internet to media players, using its own cross-platform proprietary software. It allows digital audio content, primarily in MP3 or High-Efficiency Advanced Audio Coding format. The most common use of Shoutcast is for creating or listening to Internet audio broadcasts; however, there are also video streams.[2] Shoutcast is available to use for free or as a paid cloud service with additional professional features.[3]

In short, like Icecast support, which was added to DEX 3 some time ago, Shoutcast allows DEX 3 DJ’s to easily broadcast their mix show to online listeners.

Broadcasting Mix with DEX 3

For many DJs, Shoutcast is the superior broadcasting option, as it offers a more polished and advanced set of tools, providing a premium broadcasting experience.

DEX 3 DJs that want to broadcast their mix online can self-host for free or use Shoutcast Pro, which provides a suite of professional features including hosting, monetization of your stream, dedicated radio manager, Simulcast support, and more.

Whether you’re an seasoned pro or new to DJing, streaming your mix online with Shoutcast is not only a great option to help build a following, but also a great way to get in practice sessions to build confidence and hone your mixing skills.

Head over to Shoutcast.com to learn more about options. Once you have your streaming credentials for your online radio show, simply input them into the ‘broadcast’ tab in DEX 3’s options menu. Click the “Record” button at the top of DEX 3 and select “Broadcast Mix” to start the cast.

If you already have a radio show, drop a link in the comment section below!

Input Shoutcast Credentials
Broadcasting Mix