Should DJs Consider Improv Training? (Video)

Being a DJ, especially a mobile DJ, means staying on your toes, ready for anything the event may throw your way. You have to improv.

Making sure you’re prepared with a backup DJ computer, extra cables and other gear is essential, but what about human interaction?  We’ve all heard of Murphy’s Law, and in my experience it’s proven true: What can go wrong, will.

When theirs 50+ guests, an open bar and other various factors that can influence the mood and environment – you will need to react to situations quickly, and navigate them with professional tact. You need to think on your feet, you may need to improv.

Why A DJ May Want To Consider Improvisational Training

When most of us think “Improv” the first thing that likely jumps into our head is comedic improv, and improvisational shows like “Who’s line is it anyway”.   But for DJs, improv training can truly assist in reacting to any situation, with little effort or thought.   It’s something most DJs have never considered, but the video from DJNTV below may open your eyes to why it could prove useful.

Many Mobile DJs were born with the gift of gab, blessed with improvisational skills.  For others, it’s not natural, they “work” at it.

As nationally renowned comedian and improv performer, Jamie Campbell (http://jamiecampbellcomedy.com), points out in the video below — as humans we’re all inherently capable of improv. With some instruction anyone can hone their ability to read-and-react.

Watch #DJNTV | Improv And The DJ