Separate Your Trivia Services From Your DJ Services

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“A range of hints, tips and ideas on how to ensure that if you are going multi operational that you divide you services to ensure the trivia services does not suffer”


Straight into the mix today….many of you reading this, I am fully aware, are more than just trivia hosts and rightly so. The entertainment world is a tough, competitive market place and you need to be able to offer a range of services so that when the gigs come up you are ready, willing and able to carry out whatever task is needed from your booking client. The most common mixture I see across all parts of the world is trivia hosts who combine their services with DJ Services. This makes sense as usually a quiz is put together on nights when the bar isn’t busy to attract more customers and hence a lot of trivia hosts, if not all, find themselves with very little to do over the weekend and hence they branch out into DJ Services.  I have also seen it where DJ’s branch out into offering trivia.

This is a great idea and indeed one which we may come back to again, but it is also an idea that brings some of its own problems. Let me explain why…..


Benefits of Separating Trivia Services from DJ Services – Jack of all trades, master of none

Multi Operational entertainers are successful and you will probably know, or be, an entertainer who has made a good living out of both services and advertising yourself that way. However, it can have a negative affect.  Even those of you who are successful at the moment, may be able to even grow that success with a few of the hints and tips that I am going to highlight here. The ideal gig is where you host trivia one weeknight and are the DJ over the weekend….a nice secure one. But it is not always that easy. If you really wanna sell yourself to companies and bar managers you need to present yourself as a master of your craft rather than being able to turn your hand to anything.


Benefits of Separating Trivia Services from DJ Services – Specialism always attracts

Specialist entertainers are always going to attract so you need to separate your services. A bar looking for a trivia night will always prefer a dedicated trivia host and indeed a bar looking for a weekend DJ is often times going to look for a DJ specialist. Both business ventures will benefit if you have spate services as you look more professional, more loyal and more committed to the one cause.


Benefits of Separating Trivia Services from DJ Services – Advertising made easier

As I said, get your social media and advertising sorted so that it is separate. One you get into a gig you can mention it to whoever hired you. But the first port of call is getting either the DJ or the Trivia gig first and then going from there. The key to all advertising as we have discussed several times in the blog is to make sure its focused and appeals to the market….this is much harder to do if you are trying to target a load of different people in one batch…its far easier if you can target your market.

Imagine how cluttered your website/Facebook/business card will be if your try and cram every single thing you do onto it. Simplicity sells so get those services separated.


Benefits of Separating Trivia Services from DJ Services – Getting the big paying serious trivia gigs

Now then, this is where it becomes interesting. There is big money to be made from hosting serious trivia contests.  I can tell you for a fact the organizers of such events, and even the organizers of corporate events will always always think twice about hiring a “DJ” when there is a need for trivia. For the serious Trivia Buffs out there, the questions are all that matter so they want a dedicated trivia host who knows their stuff….not a jack of all trades. If they stumble on your website and all they see is a range of shots of you DJ-ing and such like it will put them off. However, if you follow our tips and have a site that reflects your trivia knowledge and love of trivia then it will attract them in hoards.


I cannot stress enough that to succeed, or really improve your standing in the trivia world you need to separate it from other services you do. I speak from both ends of the spectrum as I have also hired people before to host trivia and recruited people to do multi events under my banner and I am always going to pick people who I think are trivia specialists. I would even go as far as saying that you should really be looking to set up two different companies, two different websites etc. It is time consuming and costly but believe me in the long run the positive affect it will have on your profits will outweigh all these!


Benefits of Separating Trivia Services from DJ Services – But, when to combine them

I have seen DJ companies who feature one specific person on their staff that is dedicated to hosting trivia.  Although the website might have a primary focus on DJ-ing, stating that “John Smith” is an expert at hosting TV-style game shows and fantastic trivia nights.  In this format the reader is not confused.  The opposite is also true.  On your trivia website feature have a spot on the page that features “Mark Johnson” as an amazing entertainer/performer.  Again, the client will appreciate the benefit of a diverse group of employees that work for you.  So, combining the 2 services can be done, but in both examples above there is a clear focus to each website, not 2 unique services in competition for the reader’s attention.


Here is your check list to carefully consider:

  • Have I formed, and registered with the government a DJ company?
  • Have I formed, and registered with the government a separate Trivia company?
  • Do I have a unique website for my DJ company?
  • Do I have a unique website for my Trivia company?
  • Does my DJ website tantalize the client with trivia services…..tastefully?
  • Does my Trivia website tantalize the client with DJ services…..tastefully?
  • Do I have business cards separate for DJ and Trivia services?
  • Do I have marketing materials unique for either service?


I have seen so many trivia services ruined by the organizer being too ambitious and trying to include so many different options on their websites that they end up confusing the potential customer so much that they go elsewhere. Don’t let this be you and don’t fall into the awful trap of being the one left behind.

Thanks for reading and we have some very exciting jobs subjects coming up…I am going to eventually get round to the much promised post on how to create unique trivia on TV and films at some point in the next week as I known those posts are popular.  We also have posts coming up on making effective promotional videos, stealing ideas from others (or in fact not doing this!), up-selling and choosing the right product for your services. Until next time, happy trivia hosting and keep the requests coming in…

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