OFFER EXTENDED: Save $30 On DEX 3 Through August 31st

The Promo Code has changed but the offer hasn’t!  

Offer Extended: Save $30 On DEX 3 Through August 31st Using Promo Code: DEX4DECKS @ Checkout!


Now’s your opportunity to get our most advanced and all-inclusive DJ software ever — DEX 3.4 — with 4 deck support and multimedia mixing for only $149, $30 off the usual price.

The supplied activation code with your purchase allows installation and simutanious use on 3 different computers, either MAC or Windows, and free upgrades!


DEX 3.4 allows you to effortlessly mix music, music videos and even host karaoke.  If you’re considering adding video mixing and/or karaoke to your DJ repertoire DEX 3 is the all-inclusive solution, without compromise. Use over 75 plug-and-play DJ controllers from the best brands in the business for tactile hands-on control.