Review of American Audio ETR-1000 DJ Headphones

“They’re real comfortable, they’re lightweight, they’re durable…” – Brian S Redd

In case you somehow missed the massive banner on the PCDJ.com home page, or our email announcement, we’re giving away $69 ETR-1000 DJ headphones with all U.S. Orders for our RED Mobile 3 DJ software ($109).

That’s not a misprint, you’re paying $109 for an instant Red Mobile 3 download and we’re going to ship (we pay the shipping, too!) you a set of ETR-1ooo DJ headphones, whom multiple DMC World Champ Etronik worked with American Audio to produce.  We’re limited to about 60 pair left at this point (blue and red colors), so it’s first come first serve — but if you’re considering a purchase of RED Mobile 3 now’s the time for significant added value ($69 to be precise).

Watch the video review below of the ETR-1000 DJ headphones by YouTube DJ aficionado and reviewer Brian S Redd.  As he notes, these are not entry level cans — the cups are 100% leather and the headphone cable is flat (no more tangles…).

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