Remote Request SongBookDB System – How It Will Work In PCDJ Karaoki

World’s greatest karaoke show hosting software is about to get better with direct integration of SongbookDB’s remote request system.

We kicked off the open beta test of SongbookDB’s remote request system’s implementation into PCDJ Karaoki last week.   After publicizing our partnership we’ve received countless calls and emails asking “How is it going to work?”   With a little help from our lead karaoke software designer, let us explain…

How will SongBookDB interface with PCDJ Karaoki?

Phase 1.)
You will use SongboogDB_Pal to upload and manage your online books. The latest beta version of  Pal allows you to import TSV files, and Karaoki can already export your karaoke music cases in the TSV format. Pal will allow you to import as many Karaoki TSV’s into a single online book as you wish.

Phase 2.)
The next Karaoki public beta will have a new option “Remote Users” on the config button menu for external terminals and remote control plugins; this will replace the existing ‘Remote Terminal‘ interface on the config screen.

The new interface also supports the old Karaoki ‘request terminals’, and 95% of the functionality in the image above is for remote terminals and not songbookDB… but it made sense to combine all the remote user systems onto the one screen within Karaoki.

When using the terminals, and the ‘Auto Accept‘ option is not checked, rather than the request being sent directly to Karaoki’s rotation (as it is now) the request will be placed on a holding list for approval, the Accept button sends the selected request to the rotation list … just like the + on SongbookDB plugin.

If you are only using SongbookDB plugin (No Terminals) once you have confirmed it’s connected you can close the ‘Remote Users‘ screen.

Eventually the old terminals will be replaced so the full benefit of the new interface can be fully utilized, especially with larger touch screen monitors…. But that’s for another day!

Shaun at SongBookDB has developed a plugin that will connect to the new interface (you can see it listed in the above image as ‘SongbookDB 1.1’), the plugin looks very similar to Pal running in request mode, when a request is received by the plugin it is placed in a list that looks and functions like the request on pal… but there is one BIG difference, when the ‘Add’ + is pressed the request passes straight into Karaoki’s rotation.

NOTE: If you want you can already also login to SongbookDB as a ‘Kiosk‘ in a web browser… There is no longer any need to install the old terminal on a third parties Computer, just go to and log-in using your ‘Requests Password‘ preceded with the word ‘kiosk’!

Please Also Note: the above screen grabs are ‘In-House’ test builds and WILL change when the public betas released.

I hope this clears a few things up.  Full on beta test to commence soon, keep checking back!

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  1. Gene Hunter
    Gene Hunter says:

    Will there be any additional hardware changes or additional devices required?
    If so, what will we need to add or buy?

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Hello Gene, you will not need anything except an internet connection and a songbookDB subscription for the service (bandwidth costs etc). No different hardware. Any internet enabled device can view your songbook, make requests, and those requests will pop up in PCDJ Karaoki directly providing the option to send directly to the rotation list.

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Yes, with Karaoki no problem since you’re just uploading the TSV file. But if you mean with another application, like DJ/VJ software, you would use the songbookdb pal app instead (desktop app) instead of having direct integration in Karaoki like we’re referring to in this post.

  2. Xavier The X Man
    Xavier The X Man says:

    This will be great but is there a way to have just a regular phone/tablet app that functions like the Request Terminal? I’m excited to try it out but will there also be a cost for using this from “online”. The Remote Request Terminal functions really great and I have had up to 5 Computers linked into my Main Computer running PCDJ Karaoke and it is GREAT! Have Keyboard Covers since in Bar/Restaurant situations. I can Message Each Terminal when someone requests a song and everything. So we will have to “Pay” for a Subscription? But it will then come up on my Terminal as a request? Without the need of the In House Terminal…cool. Will the Subscription allow for different Genres? I have a Country, Pop, Christian, Children’s etc. So Do I end up paying for each Songlist I upload? Or will my one subscription cover multiple Song Lists?

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Xavier, the interface the singers will use is basically an “app” – it’s a web app, but there is also an iOS (and I believe Android) app they can download as well. Either view your songbook via, or via the app. For the singers there is no cost for this. They view and search your songbook from ANY internet enabled device, and make requests that then talk via the internet to PCDJ Karaoki – the requests pop up in the software, and display the name of the singer. You can then just “send to rotation” directly.

      Since Songbookdb is hosting your book online, and obviously there’s bandwidth costs and development costs to consider, it’s a subscription (the pricing is still being determined at this time, but it will be very cost effective – especially compared to some other options on the market right now). The old “network based” remote request terminal for Karaoki will still be supported and basically plugs into Karaoki utilizing the same interface – that is free of course, since you’re using it via a local network, not via the net.

      Genre’s are irrelevant, since singers can browse your book online via artist, title or simply use the “search” feature. You just upload your “master song list”, or individual TSV files (exported cases) that will be combined into one master list on So one subscription will handle “all lists”. Hope that clears some things up for you!

      • Shaun Thomson
        Shaun Thomson says:

        To further add to Ryan’s comment, the SongbooKDB Pal .tsv importer imports any genres you have set up for each song in Karaoki. This data will be uploaded to SongbookDB when you upload your song list. You then switch on the genre functionality within Pal, and the public will see a button that allows them to filter by genre. Within Pal, you can also manually tag your songs for decade, language, and if they are a duet.

  3. Mario
    Mario says:

    Hello Ryan, maybe would be nice that the app communicates with a router without internet just wifi between the pc and the phones or tablets. An app in the pc and one in the phone linked by a wifi connection without internet, just wifi.

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