Re-introducing The Classics | Remastered Hits Now On Karaoke Cloud Pro

Remastered Karaoke Hits In Karaoke Cloud Pro

Let them sing along with the masters…

These evergreen hits will put a smile on your singers face, reminiscing about the good ol’ days. Whether they’re in the mood for a Throwback Thursday Night or simply want to sing along to the best in class, this list hits the spot.

Karaoke Cloud Pro has the karaoke hits you need and is baked into worlds best karaoke software for professionals – Karaoki.  It’s the karaoke software and karaoke subscription duet worth singing about! Commercially legal karaoke music with nearly 6,000 unique karaoke tracks today and a minimum of 5 karaoke songs added each week.  If you’re a new KJ or a venue that wants to start your own karaoke night you can learn more about Karaoki + Karaoke Cloud Pro here.


Download These Karaoke Hits Now With Karaoki + Karaoke Cloud Pro

Karaoke Cloud Pro Subscription April 2016

Title                                                                                                                      ITSO

 Love Me Do   The Beatles
 All You Need Is Love  The Beatles
 Ticket To Ride  The Beatles
 Philadelphia Freedom  Elton John
 My Life   Billy Joel
 It’s Still Rock And Roll To Me  Billy Joel
 Piano Man  Billy Joel 
 Just The Way You Are  Billy Joel
 Paperback Writer  The Beatles
 Candle In The Wind  Elton John

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2 replies
  1. wally
    wally says:

    I really want to get Rd Mobile 3. It allows me to do both Karaoke and dj in one app.
    I would also like to use KCP. Is there a chance in the near future that KCP will be available for Red Mobile 3

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Hello Wally, DEX 3 is actually even better as an “all-in-one” DJ and karaoke software product – as it has the key stepper and a couple other additional karaoke specific features.

      We are not planning to add Karaoke Cloud Pro support to DEX 3 or RED Mobile 3 soon, but it’s definitely something we’re considering.

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