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RED Mobile 3 DJ Software: The Karaoke Basics

The totally redesigned RED Mobile 3 DJ software upgrade dropped a couple weeks ago, complete with a new “side-list” that doubles as a singers list for hosting karaoke.

RED Mobile 3 and the previous RED Mobile 2 version have always made it fun and easy to mix music — with simple navigation and features designed around the needs of Mobile DJs.   The ability to play karaoke files and output lyrics to a secondary display has been included in RED Mobile 2 from the initial launch, but RED Mobile 3 makes hosting easier with the new side-list/singers list.

Offering a karaoke package with your mobile DJ services can help boost your bottom line, and help you land more gigs you wouldn’t have been previously capable of performing.  RED Mobile 3 is a great fit for DJs that mix music and karaoke, while our flagship DJ software — DEX 3 — has the added benefit of video mixing.

In the video tutorial below we demonstrates how to setup your secondary display for lyrics-only output, how to add songs to the side-list with singer names and how to load karaoke songs and play them.  This is how you host karaoke with RED Mobile 3.

Watch RED Mobile 3 Tutorial “The Karaoke Basics”