Red Mobile 3 Feature Spotlight | Mix Next

Our RED Mobile 3 DJ mixing software has been designed with an eye towards the requirements of Mobile DJs.  “Mix Next” is one of many features specifically created to make a Mobile DJs job easier.

Mobile DJ using DEX 3 RE

The goal when in the RED Mobile 3 design phase was to create a sleek and streamlined interface that’s easy to navigate on the fly so DJs can focus on your clients, not their DJ software – while still maintaining the core features every DJ needs.

Since PCDJ created the worlds first dual MP3 DJ software in 1998, mixing software has evolved tremendously.   The robust feature set in DEX 3 suites many of today’s performance oriented DJs, with features geared towards making the music and mix their own, ‘remixing the remix’. RED Mobile 3 is designed for DJs that need a rock-solid platform with just the 2-deck mixing features Mobile Jocks require to perform the event with ease.

Using Mix Next

Mix Next” in RED Mobile 3 is a button located in the middle of the RED Mobile 3 interface, directly below the crossfader.  When clicked (you can also map the Mix Next button to any keyboard button using RED Mobile 3’s LEARN FEATURE), Mix Next will start the opposite deck and mix over to it – and then select/load the top track from the sidelist/automix list into the deck it just mixed out of.

Think of it much like Automix in that “Mix Next” pulling from the sidelist/automix, the only difference is you’re initializing when to mix to the next track by engaging the “Mix Next” button.

“Mix Next” Video Tutorial