First Look | RED Mobile 3.5 Skin Preview

An upgrade to the RED Mobile 3 DJ mixing software platform is due out this November and among various other added features, it will include a new graphical user interface (skin).  As with all updates the RED Mobile 3.5 update will be free for existing users.

3.5 will include a few new browser features, requested changes to the sidelist/karaoke singers list, under-the-hood performance improvements, support for freshly mapped DJ Controllers and a couple (should be!) welcomed surprises. It’s a DJ software’s GUI, however, that’s the “face” of the product – and while it’s the “guts” of the app that count the most when DJing, no one wants to stare at an interface for hours on end that’s out-dated or otherwise displeasing to the eye.

We previous posted a preview of the DEX 3.5 GUI HERE — and DEX 3 users will get their hands on the upgrade with new skin in the next week or two. The upcoming RED Mobile 3.5 skin showcases a similar “flat design“, but uses similar overall aesthetics as previous versions, so RED Mobile 3 users will feel right at home while mixing.

Here’s a (small) preview of the upcoming RED Mobile 3.5 skin, which will also dynamically fit any display’s screen resolution without any loss in graphical quality. Like what you see? Think it’s ugly? We would love to hear from you!  Feel free to post your thoughts in the comment section below!

RED Mobile 3.5 Skin Preview



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  1. Steve
    Steve says:

    Not attractive. No improvement. What I’d like to see as an option, or experiment, is the 2 decks stacked on the left side, with a tall songs list on the right half. Also, a FASTER way to load a song into a deck would be helpful (and a bigger load button). Having the load buttons at the top is “dumb” – put them closer to the songs list to REDUCE the amount of pointer movement needed, PLEASE. Also, is there keyboard shortcuts that I’m unaware of? The training videos are good, but a simple PDF manual could be even more helpful for some things.

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Thanks for your opinion and feedback Steve!

      The point for us wasn’t to deviate too far from the original layout – we haven’t had complaints about it, and users seem happy with the overall design. Of course, the product is skinnable – just like DEX 3, therefore you can even create skins yourself with our free skin designer software HERE

      I personally love the new ‘flat’ design that not only keeps with current market trends for GUI’s, but also matches our new DEX 3 flat design better than previous versions.

      I take it you do not use a DJ controller and are primarily using a mouse? Right now, it’s around 85% of our users of RED Mobile 3 that us a DJ controller, so some mouse driven functions may be devalued a bit. However, you can right click on a track and choose to load to a deck – or just drag and drop into the deck. So that may be much faster for you then clicking a track, and then having to click a load button to load it.

      You can map any keyboard shortcut to any on screen function you wish using our unique LEARN feature – watch this video on how to do it:

      We’ve had much better success training our users with tutorials so right now we’ll continue to pump them out as new features are released.

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