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Do you know your DJ Software history?

Jam Master Jay Checks Out PCDJ (2000 DJ EXPO)

Jam Master Jay Checks Out PCDJ

With the release of the Digital 1200sl in 1998, the first professional DJ software with headphone cuing (pre-fade listening), PCDJ paved the way for Digital DJ technology.

From the time when “no one would ever DJ with a computer” to “I need my DJ software to mix everything, minus my drinks”, PCDJ has been through the gauntlet, and continues to pioneer new live performance technology today. DEX 3.11 is a testament to our commitment to innovation and providing DJs and Karaoke Hosts alike with the very best set of tools that make their jog easier and more enjoyable — which ultimately benefits their clients and fans.

Mobile Beat sat down with yours truly a couple weeks ago to take a look back at our past — and how we’ve made to the present. I’ll be the first to admit the ride it hasn’t been without trials and tribulations, but I feel that’s only helped us become a stronger and more focused company that’s unwaveringly indebted to our loyal users.

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