Programming Music For an Event and Catching The Vibe

Catching the Vibe | Mobile Music with Jason Jones and Guest DJ Chris Hintz, owner of Pinnacle Productions in Sioux Falls South Dakota.  (

As a Mobile DJ, programming music for an event or a wedding beforehand is pretty much standard protocol among the most successful mobile DJs.   Typically your client will provide a list of “must play tunes” and the general format and

flow of the event.   It’s your job as a DJ to work in the requests along with your own programming.   Of course, being a great DJ and not just an “also-ran” is learning how to catch the vibe of the audience and reading the dance floor.

Your pre-programmed song list for the event should be a guide but certainly not a rule.   Reading the crowd and playing off of it to keep the dance floor packed, and generally creating a memorable experience for the party-goers, is what makes the top Mobile DJs tops.  They also get the most referrals, and stay busy.  Simply put, if you want to be successful as a mobile jock in what’s a highly competitive space you’ll have to know what to mix-in next.

In this Mobile Music Thursday video from Disc Jockey News, Jason Jones interviews DJ Chris Hintz about music programming, and reading the vibe of the crowd.  It’s a good watch for new Mobile DJs or those that are struggling with mixing music programming with change-ups based on the vibe of the dance floor and audience.



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  1. Stephen Morton jr
    Stephen Morton jr says:

    That was very helpful. Thank you for these interview. I’m newer on the wedding scene which I would never tell my clients because they believe I’ve been song this foe Egbert. Anyway, I love to hear when I’m on the right track. It sounds like most of the weddings I’ve had this summer. You really don’t get to talk to a lot of local dj’s because I feel like everything’s a secret. All I know is I’m having a blast and loving it. Thanks again for the interview.
    Stephen Morton jr

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