Professional Karaoke Subscription | Spread Your Wings This Week In Karaoke Cloud Pro

PCDJ Karaoki with Karaoke Cloud Pro is the best way to hit the ground running with karaoke software + the catalog of karaoke songs you’ll need to start hosting karaoke.

The best karaoke subscription for pro KJs available in the USA today is updated each-and-every week with the hottest new karaoke tunes singers want to sing, with a sprinkling of older classic karaoke tunes when available.   For a new KJ, there is no better way to start gigging today with a commercially legal core catalog of over 7600 songs.

Unlike most karaoke subscription services, you download all the songs to your local or external hard drive, so you can use them offline with — no need for internet! 

Here’s What’s New This Week In The Karaoke Cloud Pro Subscription


Your Singers Will Spread Their Wings With This Weeks Karaoke Cloud Pro Music Update

USA’s best karaoke subscription for professional karaoke hosts is on fire this summer, releasing a minimum of 6 new tracks a week into Karaoke Cloud Pro.

This week’s collection of terrific tunes features monster hits in the styles of Taylor Swift, Zedd, Bahri, Felix Jaehn, Jasmine Thompson, Breaking Benjamin, and OMI.  Your singers will soar the skies with titles like “All You Had To Do Was Stay“, “Addicted To A Memory“, “Ain’t Nobody (Loves Me Better)“, “Angels Fall” and “Cheerleader” – you can download them right now in PCDJ Karaoki with Karaoke Cloud Pro!


Release Day Title ITSO
Tuesday All You Had To Do Was Stay Taylor Swift
Wednesday Addicted To A Memory Zedd ftg. Bahari
Thursday Ain’t Nobody (Loves Me Better) Felix Jaehn ftg. Jasmine Thompson
Friday Angels Fall Breaking Benjamin
Saturday Cheerleader OMI




Here’s How The Karaoke Cloud Pro Professional Karaoke Subscription Works