Your Singers Will Swoon Over This Weeks Karaoke Cloud Pro Hits

Summer is here and love is in the air.  Your singers will love pouring their heart out on the MIC with this weeks Karaoke Cloud Pro Update!

Karaoke Cloud Pro is the professional karaoke subscription of choice for thousands of karaoke hosts all over the world.   There is simply no better way to have immediate and legal access to over 7500 karaoke songs, with a minimum of 5 new songs made available for download every single week for the duration of your subscription.

You download and play the karaoke songs directly in PCDJ Karaoki, a seamless integration of professional karaoke show hosting software and the music that makes it go!  You can learn more about Karaoke Cloud Pro HERE


Download These Karaoke Tunes This Week With Your Professional Karaoke Subscription

Summertime Swooning 

With so many great love songs available in Karaoke Cloud Pro your singers will swoon!  They’ll be thankful they don’t have to hold up a boom box in the driving rain and you can fill their requests.

This week’s New Releases feature just what your singers need to get the summertime spirit moving, with songs in the styles of Taylor Swift, Cole Swindell, Death Cab For Cutie, Lost Frequencies, Willie Nelson, and Merle Haggard.

You don’t even have to wait for the “release day” – you can get download them all right now directly in PCDJ Karaoki with your Karaoke Cloud Pro subscription!

Release Day Title ITSO
Tuesday How You Get The Girl Taylor Swift
Wednesday Let Me See Ya Girl Cole Swindell
Thursday Black Sun Death Cab For Cutie
Friday Are You With Me Lost Frequencies
Saturday It’s All Going To Pot Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard


Here’s How The Karaoke Cloud Pro Professional Karaoke Subscription Works With Karaoki