Professional Karaoke Subscription | Your Singers Will Be “Invincible” This Week

The best karaoke music subscription service for Pro KJs has really turned up the heat this summer churning out hot new release after release.

Karaoke hosts all over the globe have adopted PCDJ Karaoki with Karaoke Cloud Pro as their karaoke software + karaoke music package of choice, ensuring they have all the singer rotation management features and karaoke content to handle any gig and singer request.

Brad Junell, a multi-karaoke-system op owner, recently had this to say about Karaoke Cloud Pro:

“When I learned about Karaoke Cloud I was intrigued and excited. A subscription, cloud-sourced, service meant we’d have access to great legal content, without having to initially invest a small fortune into a media catalog – not to mention, I could now to tell prospective clients “YES.””


Download These Karaoke Songs This Week In Karaoke Cloud Pro

Nothing can stop you…

Your singers take all this week with Karaoke Cloud Pro! It’s all about filling their “Wildest Dreams“.  Even though they may feel like they are living through a “Blank Space“, you know that “Failure” just isn’t an option. Your “Invincible” spirit will carry your singers on to “Sacred” ground.

Log into your Karaoke Cloud Pro subscription now and download those killer titles in the styles of Taylor Swift, I Prevail, Breaking Benjamin, Kelly Clarkson, Miranda Lambert and Erasure. Victors like yourself don’t have to wait for the “release day” – you can get them all right now with Karaoke Cloud Pro!


Release Day Title ITSO
Tuesday Wildest Dreams Taylor Swift
Wednesday Blank Space I Prevail
Thursday Failure Breaking Benjamin
Friday Invincible Kelly Clarkson
Saturday Sacred Erasure
Special Re-Release Roots And Wings (Full Version) Miranda Lambert


Here’s How The Karaoke Cloud Pro Professional Karaoke Subscription Works With Karaoki