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Preview of AIUnmixEQ™ and DEX 3.19: Real-Time “Unmixing”

It’s been hard to keep this one under wraps…

The upcoming DEX 3.19 update will include a brand new feature called AIUnmixEQ™.  The new, exciting feature for DJs and KJs comes with the finalization of DEX 3’s audio engine refresh, which started with DEX 3.18 and concludes nearly a years’ worth of development effort.


As the AIUnmixEQ™ name implies, DEX 3 uses machine learning (deep neural networks, a flavor of AI) to add Real-Time Unmixing/Stem Separation (Music Source Separation). This allows DJs to use the Equalizer knobs or kill pads to smoothly separate songs into 3 stems:

  • Vocals (High eq knob)
  • Instruments (Mid eq knob)
  • Drums (Low eq knob)

Our new AIUnmixEQ™ feature brings up new opportunities for DJs and KJs:

  • Live mashups and seamless advanced remixing
  • On-the-fly acapella or instrumental
  • Instant karaoke tracks from regular tracks (with or without
    guide vocals)

This is just a tease, we know. Additional information and a more in-depth tutorial will be available around the time of release.  There are addition upgrades included in DEX 3.19 that will improve performance, beat mixing, and sound quality.

DEX 3 DJ Software enables DJs to #MixEverything