DEX 3 Pro Tip | How-To Access Desktop Or Other Applications Without Screen 2 Video Minimizing

DEX 3 prevent screen 2 from being minimized

We’ve all been there…

You’re at a mobile event mixing music videos with DEX 3 and you receive a request for a video you don’t have in your collection that you need to fill in a pinch.

You have internet access and have the capability to purchase a music video download on the fly, or use one of your available credits with TheVideoPool. You’re mixing music videos and the dance floor is jumping, therefore your second display is being utilized for mixed video output so if you minimize DEX 3, the playing video will minimize right along with it – showcasing your cute DJ kitty wallpaper to your audience. Not exactly professional!

Resize DEX 3 GUI By Drag and Drop

While we’re not huge proponents of doing anything outside of DEX 3 while performing live, as third-party applications or the like could potentially cause resource issues, we understand keeping your client or audience engaged and content is paramount. So what can you do to ensure no one sees your DJ Kitty desktop wallpaper?

Use the Dynamic re-sizing feature in DEX 3 to make the interface shrink so you can access your desktop, and/or the internet, without having to minimize. 

By default DEX 3 will automatically stretch to fit any display, but using the following method you can re-size the entire DEX 3 skin so you can “get behind it”.  The drag-and-drop dynamic re-size feature is a PCDJ exclusive, and handy when you have to fill that download request on-the-fly. (NOTE: This feature also works with RED Mobile 3)

Resize DEX 3 To Access Your Desktop Or Internet Without Minimizing The Mixed Video Output

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