Pioneer DDJ-SX DJ Controller Map For PCDJ DEX 3 Released

DEX 3, PCDJ’s flagship DJ software for professional DJs, supports close to 70 popular DJ controllers from the top DJ hardware manufacturers in the business.

One of the most wildly popular DJ controllers to hit the streets over the last couple of years is the Pioneer DDJ-SX.

Many have considered the DDJ-SX as the bar-setter; the most robust, feature-packed all-in-one controller ever.    It’s easy to see why when you put your hands on one.  It’s heavy, feels extremely well made, has an excellent build in full-fledged DJ mixer, performance pads and nice big platters that include rotating LED’s.    Our team liked it so much we’re making it a fixture in our studio.

Here’s how Digital DJ Tips summed up their review:

As the heart of a hybrid digital / analogue set-up, the Pioneer DDJ-SX is an unsurpassed device. The standalone mixer is superb, and the quality of all controls is market leading. It has just about everything you might want on a DJ controller, and all of this makes it amazing fun to use. Pioneer has borrowed the best bits of every other controller and, in doing so, has come up with probably the most complete DJ controller on the market. 

We’ve spent the better part of the last year in the PCDJ bat cave working almost exclusively on the new DEX 3 platform (it’s totally new, from the core out), we’ve admittedly been a bit behind on implementing a few of the latest DJ controllers, which until this point has included the Pioneer DDJ-SX.  Thankfully, our lead tech DJ and developer finalized the first map for public released just yesterday.   We’d love your feedback, and I’m sure once our public has an opportunity to put the DDJ-SX map to the test in PCDJ DEX 3 and report back we’ll make some future updates and adjustments.




1. Disconnect the USB cable from your computer. When the utility settings mode is started up while this unit and a computer are connected by USB cable, the set status may not be displayed properly.

2. Press the [STANDBY/ON] switch on this unit’s rear panel to set this unit’s power to standby. Set this unit’s power to the standby mode.

3. While pressing both the [SHIFT] and [PLAY/PAUSE ] buttons on the left deck, press the [STANDBY/ON] switch on this unit’s rear panel. The utility settings mode is launched.

4. Press the [KEY LOCK] button on the left deck.

[KEY LOCK] button off: Normal Default Mode (Not for PCDJ)

[KEY LOCK] button lit: Setting to use PCDJ DEX 3

5. Press the [STANDBY/ON] switch on this unit’s rear panel to set this unit’s power to standby.

To save the settings, set the [STANDBY/ON] switch on this unit’s rear panel to standby and quit the utility settings mode.


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